The End is Near (Back to School)

by / Tuesday, 14 July 2015 / Published in News
Back to School

I was asked to write a new Back to School blog, and my heart sank.

It’s the middle of July; teachers are not gearing up for the new school year! In fact, we are most likely doing everything in our power to pretend we are still right smack in the middle of our summer vacation regardless of the cold hard fact that we only have two weeks left before it’s time to report for duty.

I’m writing this in my pajamas and it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. I’m living proof that it’s the middle of my summer vacation! (I’d be out by the pool but the heat index is 110 degrees...too hot to even swim!)

So how does one slowly ease into the Back to School groove? While it isn’t easy, I have some tips:

1. Ignore the over zealous marketing displays at your local grocer:

The July 4th holiday is over and they have nothing else to look forward to. Maybe we could start making Labor Day more of a thing and they could advertise that instead... but school starts before Labor Day, so never mind. Don’t let the new yellow signs and school supply drives get to you. They are just trying to help out students. There is nothing in those lunch boxes and pencil shavings that you need to worry about. In the words of the great Atticus Finch, “It isn’t time to worry yet.”

2. Pay attention to sales at your local teacher supply store:

These things are great, and it’s a good way to start getting new ideas of things you will need for the upcoming school year. Each year, I go to The Learning Oasis in my area for their annual Vendor Day. I’m able to snag my bulletin board supplies for the year, (I teach at the secondary level, so my bulletin board doesn’t change much), and they offer huge discounts and door prizes. (Who knew I needed window markers!?!) It’s a nice way to remind my summertime brain that there is more to life than HGTV and Zappos.

3. Check out Pinterest & Reddit:

If you’re not quite ready to get active, there are millions of ideas for classroom decoration, educational blogs, and funny memes that just might inspire you right from your couch! You won’t even have to change your pants!

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4. Spend time with your family:

Start discussing new schedules and procedures for the school year so it doesn’t come as a shock. You may, depending on the age of your children, start implementing a bedtime and wake up time. Of course, if you don’t have children, this might be a good idea for yourself as well. Do you really need to stay up until 2am? That’s what the weekends are for!


I know that summer is still going strong, but make the most of it by mentally preparing yourself for the upcoming school year. Find a new calendar, poster for the classroom, or meet up with colleagues.

There are a lot of ways that you can ease into the Back to School season that will help make it exciting instead of dreadful.

Happy End of Summer!

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