My Classroom Connection

We realize how important it is to provide transparency to parents and stay in contact with Students, so we have created My Classroom Connection to allow you to create your very own personalized web page to communicate with them both.

You can post general information and links to your favorite websites and allow viewing of your lesson plans and calendar events too!

Your very own Website!

In order to share your lesson plans and other information with Parents and Students, we allow you to setup your very own website on My Lesson Planner called My Classroom Connection.

You get to personalize it the way you want by choosing your very own theme and content! You even get to customize the website address (URL)!

Your Favorite Links

You can create a listing of your favorite links or link to any other website of interest.

Your Calendar

Your calendar automatically shows up on My Classroom Connection.

You get to choose which calendar events and which lesson plans are available to view.