Teacher Collaboration - View Groups

View Groups allow you to grant View or Edit access to your lesson plans to other teachers. You can then request that they do the same for you. This allows you to work together to collaboratively create lesson plans that you can both use.


How To Add Teachers to Your View Group

Visit the Manage Account section and choose the My View Group management page. From there, you can enter the Email Address of a My Lesson Planner subscriber and select whether you would like them to be able to View or Edit your lessons.

NOTE: You can't give yourself access to their lesson plans. Only they can reciprocate by doing the same from their account.

Administrators Only: View Groupings

Much like View Groups for teachers, View Groupings allow Administrators to select from a list of teachers and group them together and give that group a name. This feature is often used to group teachers into groups such as "Math Teachers", or "New Teachers", or any other kind of configuration that makes sense for your District or School.