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All subscriptions come with unlimited email support! Our staff watches for new support requests all day, all evening, and weekends too! We know that many of our teachers work on lesson planning outside of school hours, so we do, too!

We also offer limited phone and on-site support services to Schools and Districts.

Check out our Question/Answer Forum for specific lesson planning help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your email spam folder or white-list "" emails in your Email account. Email is our primary method of communication, so you need to make sure they aren't getting blocked on your end. If you have checked your spam folder and whitelisted our email account and you still haven't heard back from us, you can call the following number with your Account and Billing questions - leave a message with your Name, UserID, your Phone Number and a brief message explaining the problem and one of our billing account representatives will call you back. Please note, this number is for Billing Account questions only. You should email us if you have any technical support questions you need answered: (888) 414-3871

Please check your email spam folder or white-list "" emails in your Email account. Email is our primary method of communication, so you need to make sure they aren't getting blocked on your end.

Yes! Simply provide us a link to the PDF/DOC/Website or other electronic format for your requested standards and our data-entry staff will get them loaded for you as part of your membership!

Yes! We support all United States Standards Nationwide. We also have standards for Canada and Australia as well. We have the capability to load any set of standards that you request. So, if your school or district has a special set of standards unique to your school, just send us the standards or a link to them, and we will upload them for you.

Absolutely! There is no cost to our teachers for asking for that service. You just send us what you are currently using to plan lessons --an image, an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document, or simply a description in an email-- and one of our Customer Service Team members will create a template for you, and help you to tweak it, so that it is just right for you. Our Customer Support Team Members are current or former teachers who have used or currently use My Lesson Planner to plan lessons. We are the experts, so let us help you!

Yes! We can now take your credit or debit cards right on our site. We also offer the ability to use Clickbank services. If you would rather pay by check, please send us an email and we'll get you pointed in the right direction for mailing your payment and getting your account set up.

Yes! Even if your District or School isn't currently using My Lesson Planner, you can still purchase an individual subscription. You will have access to all the same great features.

Yes! We now offer a free 30-day trial on our software.

First, start by contacting our Support staff using the "Contact Us" tab. Teachers who are new to our software often miss the features that can be most helpful to them. Our Customer Support Team will help you learn the shortcuts and show you the features you may have missed.
If you need something we don't currently offer, send us an email and ask if it can be added. Our best features come from Teacher Feedback and Teacher Requests.
If we are unable to meet your needs and you find yourself completely unsatisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time simply by canceling your automatic payments through PayPal - we provide a link to the Cancel Subscription option in your Manage Account page.
Since is offering non-tangible, irrevocable, digital goods and services; we do not issue refunds.

You have an account management page, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a place to cancel your account. You will complete a membership exit survey, then you MUST click the link that follows so that you can complete the cancellation. We do not cancel subscriptions via phone. You must be logged in, and use the account management page to cancel your account.

When you cancel your account, your account freezes. You won't lose your lesson plans. You can come back to My Lesson Planner at any time, and pick up right where you left off. Simply log in with your user name and password, and you'll be directed to the resubscribe page for your account.

Yes -- sometimes a group of teachers (departments, grade level groups, etc) want a way to collaborate through lesson planning, and they will all purchase accounts with My Lesson Planner, but they don't have "school" accounts. We can still set you up as a group, and even add your school name to your accounts. Just make sure someone is in charge of getting the information to us so we can help you all to get in a group.

Lesson Planning Questions

Absolutely. We offer several Date Management features to help you in this regard. Using the Calendar Workspace, you can simply Drag & Drop a Lesson Plan to move it to a different day. You can also toggle from Move to Copy mode and then when you Drag & Drop, it will copy that lesson plan.
There are also Date Management Features to allow you to specify an exact Date to Copy or Move the Lesson Plan, as well as a "Bump" feature that allows you to move all lesson plans in succession forward one single day.

Since our software is web-based, you can print it out just like any other web page by simply clicking the "Printer" icon on your Browser's toolbar.
You have complete control over whether the lesson plan should print in color or black & white, fonts, font-sizes, margins, etc right from within your web browser (just like any other page on the Internet).

First, visit your Preferences page and select which State Standards you wish to use. You can also specify if you would like to view the Common Core (National) Standards as well. Then, when you are editing your lessons, you can choose a standard from the "Tree View", or perform a "Keyword Search" to find the standards you wish to attach. Simply click the SLE and it will attach to your Lesson Plan.

Lesson Plans do not automatically show up for public viewing in "My Classroom Connection" - you have to specifically allow them to be viewed. For Lesson Plans, click the "Padlock" icon on your Lesson Plan toolbar to establish Public Access for an individual Lesson Plan. You can choose how long it is available for public viewing, and you can even enter an optional passcode that will be required to view the Lesson Plan.