Uploading Documents and Files to your Lesson Plans

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File Upload Feature

My Lesson Planner allows you to save documents, worksheets, pictures, or any other types of files you want to associate with your Lesson Plans.

We've streamlined the integration with your lesson plans to make it as convenient as possible for you to get all the information for your plans in one place.

Open up a lesson plan. Using the left-side navigation menu, click on the paperclip icon.

You can then upload any files you need for your
lesson plans and those files will then be accessible on your lesson plan.

Make sure to wait until the file is completely uploaded. Upload time is entirely dependent on the size of the file being uploaded and your Internet Connection speed.

Once the upload is complete, you will see a listing of all files currently attached to your lesson. If you are uploading for the entire Lesson Plan, they will be listed in a block at the bottom of your plan. If you are uploading an attachment for a specific Lesson Block, they files will be located at the bottom of that Lesson Block.

You can click the remove icon to remove the file from your lesson plan.