What Matters Most

Keeping it Simple

It's all about simplicity, availability, and accountability. Our software is accessible from home or school, updates are automatic, and the reporting features and workspace create transparent accountability in the classroom.

The bottom line, the time your teachers save on lesson planning and classroom management, is time spent creating lifelong learning experiences for your students.

It's all about standards.

It's all about saving time!

What Matters Most

Saving Time

  • Saving Time

    We create web-based educational software tools designed to help teachers teach smarter in today's standards-based classrooms. We save educators time so they can focus on lifelong learning experiences for their students. Our founders have formed a privately-held partnership and bring extensive experience in the education and technology industries.

Teach Smarter

  • Teach Smarter

    Trends in education are racing toward individualizing the education experience of every child, and pressure and mandates for transparent accountability and data-driven decision making are mounting from the political and business worlds. Teachers are being held accountable in ways they have never been before, and their lesson plans have taken on the role of documentation and reflection journals. Teachers are doing everything they can to meet these demands and are spending an average of 3 to 4 hours each week on lesson planning. They are becoming increasingly frustrated with bungling software, developed by people who have limited or no understanding of the challenges teachers are facing in today's standards-based classrooms.

    Teachers are seeking answers, and My Lesson Planner is here to help. Our team is a blend of the education and technology worlds, and we create tools for teachers that are smart, accessible, and simple to use. My Lesson Planner teachers are telling us they spend less than 1/2 the time planning lessons with our software.

    We know what teachers need, and we make it simple.