Sharing Your Lesson Plans

When teachers form collaborative teams, there is a synergy that connects them to a more expansive view of their own teaching. Reflection becomes the norm, and the focus on learning is magnified to a level that wouldn't be possible if we were all out there on our own. My Lesson Planner believes in professional collaboration, and we can help you to connect to teachers across the world.


Collaborative Lesson Sharing

Public Access

You can share your lessons with Parents, Students, Substitute Teachers or teacher or principal who does not have an account with My Lesson Planner by clicking on the icon that looks like a lock on the left-side navigation menu of your lesson plan.

Public lesson plans can also have a security code attached to them if you want to limit who can have access to them.



If you are sharing lessons with colleagues who already have accounts with My Lesson Planner, then click on the library icon to put your lessons in the Library for others in the My Lesson Planner community to view and add to their lesson plans.

Public lesson plans and lesson plans in the Library can be viewed, but cannot be edited or deleted by anyone but yourself. Other My Lesson Planner teachers can bring your lesson plan into their own lesson plans through the Library, and then it can be edited once it is in their lesson plans.

Participation in either lesson sharing option is completely voluntary. Your lesson plans are not being "mined" or in any way made public without your voluntary consent. And, when you decide you no longer wish to have your lesson plans on the public link or in the Library, you simply go to Manage and click on Templates or Library to remove them from public access.

View Groups

You can also add a teacher to your View Group to allow them to access all of your Lesson Plans at any time. You have the option to grant them View-Only or Edit Authority.

To access this option, hover your mouse over the Quick Links menu and choose the Manage Account option.

On the left-side menu, choose the My View Group menu option.