Making a Seating Chart

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Set up Time: 5 minutes

After you have added students and pictures (optional), to your Student Set Up, you can arrange your
students in a seating chart. If student pictures have not been added, you will see desks instead of
student pictures. If student pictures are added after you create your seating chart, they will
automatically update to the seating chart.

To get started, click on the Seating Chart Desk icon on the left side of your lesson plan page or click on
the drop down on the mouse-over menu for Lesson Plan.

Type a description (i.e. 3rd Period, My Classroom, Mrs. Smith's 4th grade Class, Groups of Four). Choose
the Subject/Period that has the students set up for your seating chart. Choose the number of rows and
columns for your arrangement of desks. Click 'Create'.

Your Seating Chart grid will appear with the list of students from your chosen Subject/Period. The list of
student names will be on the left, and you can click and drag the names to the place on the grid you

After you have finished, you can click on 'View Chart' to see your Seating Chart. The Seating Chart
automatically saves when you click on 'View Chart'.

You can create as many seating charts as you would like, and edit and delete them as needed.