Lesson Plan Examples

Our built-in lesson plan templates combined with our extensive teacher-contributed lesson plan library provide you with the lesson plan examples you are looking for to create your standards based lesson plans.

Here are just a few examples of the HUNDREDS of Lesson Plan templates that we have available.


GANAG Format Lesson Plan Example

GANAG is the acronym for a 21st century daily lesson planning schema created using research introduced by Jane E. Pollock and her colleagues in Classroom Instruction that Works (1st edition, Marzano, Pickering and Pollock, 2001).

Goal - students interact with the goals and objectives
Access Prior Learning - access prior student knowledge
New Learning - new information (declarative or procedural)
Apply - apply thinking skills/strategic practice
Generalize - goal review

GANAG format lesson plan example



Gradual Release Model

The goal of guided instruction in the gradual release of responsibility model is to guide students toward using different skills, strategies and procedures independently. The student will assume more responsibility with less support from the teacher.

Gradual Release Model



GELDS Format Lesson Plan Example

GELDS Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards



Sample Block






UBD - Understanding By Design