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by / Thursday, 26 September 2013 / Published in News

Lesson Plan Comments
Comments are now hidden when a View Group teacher is viewing another teacher's lesson plans.
Lesson Plan Comments will now always show up when a Principal is doing a Review - even if the comments have been previously dismissed.

When a Principal reviews a lesson plan, a teacher can set a preference to be notified via Email that a comment has been placed on their lesson plan. However, if the teacher then left a comment of their own in response to the Principal, the Principal had no way of knowing without going in and manually running a Lesson Plan Comments report.
Now, if the teacher leaves a comment, the Principal can be notified as well.

Basically, anyone that leaves a comment on a lesson plan, will then receive all future notifications whenever anyone leaves a comment on that lesson plan.

The "Account Settings" link is now visible regardless of whether you have your homepage set to the Calendar or the Workspace.

The "Pristina" day-of-week style for the Subject Lesson Plan will now indicate if it has been set. Previously, it would actually set the preference and would work if you went and viewed a lesson plan, but it was "freaking teachers out" that it didn't look like it was saving - even though it actually did.

A toggle switch has been added to the calendar that will determine whether a lesson plan will be copied or moved when a drag+drop is performed.

Holding the "Control" key will no longer switch you to "Copy" mode.

Horizontal Information Blocks can now be placed in the Clipboard.

Fixed a bug that was causing a "Parse Error" when pulling standards if you had turned off the feature to "Show Standards Used".

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